Theater Reviews

                                         by Dan Zeff

*Below is a list of shows currently playing in the Chicagoland area, along with a star rating.  

            The ratings run from zero stars (the lowest) to 4 stars (the highest).

*A (G) next to the title indicates the show is appropriate for families. The full review is linked to the show title.

                                                  Click on the show and read his review.

Current Productions            Rating         Closes

American Gir                                        ****                   Open Run
Apartment 3A                                                               ***1/2                    December 18

Bardy Bunch, The                                                          ***1/2                      Open Run


Christians,The                                                               Soon                         January 29

Crazy For You                                                                 ****                    January 8

Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time                 Soon                      December 24                                       

East Texas Hot Links                                                       ***1/2                   January 22

Fundamentals, The                                                            ***1/2                  December 23


Hunter and the Bear, The                                                 Soon                       January 22

King Charles III                                                                ***                    January 15


Magic Flute, The                                                                Soon                      January 27


Miss Bennet                                                                       ****                 December 24


Mr. And Mrs. Pennyworth                                                    Soon                      February 19


Other Cinderella, The                                                          Soon                      January 8


Phantom of the Opera                                                          Soon                      January 8

Pygmalion                                                                              ***1/                January 8

Red Line runs Through It, A                                                   ***1/2                Open Run

Roz and Ray                                                                            *** 1/2               December 11

Singin' In The Rain                                                                 ***             December 31

Tony and Tina's Wedding                                                       ***            December 30

We Gotta Bingo                                                                      ***                    Open Run

Zarkana(G)Las Vegas                                                               ***              Open Run

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