Theater Reviews

               by Dan Zeff

*Below is a list of shows currently playing in the Chicagoland area, along with a star rating.  

            The ratings run from zero stars (the lowest) to 4 stars (the highest).

*A (G) next to the title indicates the show is appropriate for families. The full review is linked to the show title.

                  Click on the show and read his review.

Current Productions  -   Rating -    Closes
Aladdin (G)                                      *** 1/2         September 10


American Gir (G)                        ****        Open Run


Black Pearl                                       ***1/2           June 25


Blue Man Group (G)                       ***1/2           Open Run


Fantastic Super Great Nation Numero Uno ***1/2 Open Run


Flanagan's Wake                               ***              Open Run


Jacque Brel's Lonesome

           Losers of the Night                 *** 1/2               August 6


King and I, The                                  *** 1/2         July 2


Moby Dick                                         ****        September 3                                      


Native Gardens                                  ***1/2         July 2


Parade                                                ****         July 9


Spamilton                                              ****       Open Run


T.                                                             *1/2               June 25


Tony and Tina's Wedding                  ***            Open Run


The Winner...of Our Discontent         **1/2          Open Run


Zarkana(G)Las Vegas                            ***       Open Run


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